HB Audio Gallery Pro


HB Audio Gallery Pro is a highly customizable and responsive mp3 player plugin that delivers an engaging audio player performance for your WordPress website. Now create unlimited playlists, download, share, like your favorite music, and much more. Play all your music on your website regardless of its file size.

Get Started

  1. Install and Activate
  2. Create Audio Gallery
  3. Upload mp3/audio files
  4. Embed Audio player
  5. Customize your Settings
  6. Using Shortcodes

Install and Activate

To install the plugin, make sure you have bought the HB Audio Gallery Pro plugin and downloaded the zip file on your device.

  • Do Admin login
  • Find & Click on “plugin” from the left-side navigation bar.
  • Click on add new.
  • Click on choose file.
  • Upload “HB Audio gallery.zip.”
  • Click install and then activate.

Upload mp3/audio files

  • Select the Album to which you want to add your audio files. 
  • Click on upload files.
  • Select audios files from your device folder. 
  • If your mp3 file exceeds the upload limit, you can upload those large files directly via the FTP client (Filezilla, etc.) and then click on the “Scan files” button to add those uploaded files into the Album.
  • “Update/Publish” the page/post. 
  • Once your playlist is created successfully, you can also adjust the order of audio files.
  • To add an Artist photo to your Album, click “set featured image” > select the image file > set featured image.
  • To add an image to every individual audio, click the “add image” option in front of related audio. 
  • You can also select/check the categories from the category list or add a new category. 
  • “Update/Publish” the page/post to save the changes.

Add Audio to the website

  • For creating a new audio gallery page/post, Select page/post > add new from WordPress’s default left navigation bar.
  • Enter page title and add relevant “shortcode” in shortcode block.
  • For adding an audio gallery to an existing page/post, edit a particular page/post and add relevant “shortcode” in the shortcode block.
  • You can add multiple shortcodes on the same page or post to display various audio players.
  • To check out all available shortcodes, Please check HB Audio Gallery under settings. 
  • Always, Publish or update the page to save the changes.

Customize your Settings

  • From the Left Navigation bar, select “Settings > HB audio gallery.”
  • You can enable or disable
    1. Download audio files.
    2. Facebook sharing.
    3. “Addthis” sharing ( to enable “Addthis” publisher id required)
  • Click “Save settings” to allow changes made.
  • You can also change the audio player’s theme color.


You can manage your audio player display on your website using shortcodes.

Single View

This shortcode allows you to display any single audio on your website using an audio ID. It is available in the free version.

[hb-audio-single-audio aid="(audio id)"]
List View

By using this shortcode, you can display the audio player in the list view. You only need to Input the Album or Audio Gallery ID.

[hb-audio-list-in-gallery gid="(gallery id)" autoplay="no"]
Grid View

Use this shortcode if you want to display your audio player in the Grid view. You need to provide Album or Audio Gallery ID in the shortcode. You can also add a column parameter in the shortcode to manage the columns you want to display in one row.

[hb-audio-list-in-grid gid="(gallery id)" autoplay="no"]
Slider View

The slider shortcode displays your audio player in Slider view. It needs to provide Album or Audio Gallery ID in the shortcode, which you wish to put on the site. You can also add a column parameter to the shortcode to manage the number of columns in the slider.

[hb-audio-list-in-slider gid="(gallery id)" autoplay="no"]
Category Views

Using this shortcode, you can show all the Audio Galleries (in list view format) which belong to a particular category. With this shortcode, you only need to provide the category id.

[hb-audio-gallery-list-in-category category_id="(category id)"]
Favorite list

This Shortcode lets oneself display all favorite tracks together. Whenever you like any specific audio, it is automatically added to your favorite audio. This shortcode displays an audio player in list view format along with your all-liked music.

[hb-audio-list-in-favourites autoplay="no"]
Daily Top 10

Use this shortcode if you want to display the most played audios of that particular day.

[hb-audio-daily-top-audios-list nos="(No. of audios)"]
Weekly Top 10

Use this shortcode if you want to display the most played audios of the last seven days.

[hb-audio-weekly-top-audios-list nos="(No. of audios)"]